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Sorry, due to recurring incidents of security issues within our servers, the DND Epicenter is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back in a few weeks as we begin to recreate a bigger and better resource site for your gaming. Updates will be listed below cronologically. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon!

In the meantime, visit RPG Gateway to help assist you in your quest for material as well as our sponsor, Amazon.com .

If you are new to the DND Epicenter, perhaps you are wondering what you have stumbled upon? Well, we are a Dungeons and Dragons resources site designed to help supply D&D fans with new material to help keep their games interesting and fun; we know a DM's creativity runs dry ever once in a while : >. This new material we recieve as submissions, which in turn we post on the site. Though, as mentioned above, much of our site is currently down for maintenance. If you would like to make a submission, please send it to < submit (at) dndepicenter (dot) com >.

Work is now being done on the Worlds section, specifically, Bandurr. Much of Bandurr is up and running, however, pages are always changeing until it is finally finished.
Okay. I've probably hit a point where it's easier to just tell you which sections are not currently working. Though these is still some work to do as far as format updates to some of the pages not mentioned here, however, the only pages that currently can not be viewed are as follows:

2nd Edition: Netbooks.
3rd Edition: Completely working.
Worlds: Not up yet.
General section: Book List, Alignments, mIRC newbies, Checkers, Sumbit, and Contact.

Again, thank you for your patience.
The following Second Edition areas are now open: Magic Items, Spells, Programs, Potion Description, No Food and Water, Classes, Netbooks.

The following General areas are now open: Fonts, Humor.
The following General areas are now open: Fantasy Art, Equipment.
The following Third Edition areas are now open: Programs, Prestige Classes, Races, Skills, Feats. The entire Third Edition is now open to view, however, there will be formating changes to some of these areas soon to come. Work will now begin on the 2nd Edition areas.

The following Second Edition areas are now open: Character Sheets, Modules.
I have finally recreated the format as well as the menu in the upper right, however, because none of the material is up yet, the links will not work. I am now working on posting the 3rd Edition material once again starting with the Character Sheets and working my way down the menu.

The following Third Edition areas are now open: Character Sheets, Modules, Magic Items, Spells. Also, in the General section the following areas are open: Links, Awards, Link to Us, Disclaimer. You can access them by clicking on their link in the menu.

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